Words on Thatcher

Woke up and there they were
Wiggly weasely wondrous words
All with loads to say
Never a dull moment with words
Never stuck for a curse with words
Never short of a laugh with words
Fall in love with words
Let the hate roll with words
Whisper sweet nothing with words
When the show gets really desperate, pray with words
Apologise for all you have done wrong with words
Forgive me forgive me forgive me
Forgive me with words.
But we won’t forgive her with words.
We’ll tell that dead Baroness all she did wrong.
With words.
She’ll get no no no eulogy out of me.
With words.
Instead I’ll go write a song.
With words.
I’ll tramp the dirt down
Just like Elvis said
With words
I’ll let fawning funeral generals know that they are just puffed up poppycocks
With words
I’ll reopen the pits.
With words.
I’ll give everyone their job back.
With words.
I’ll refuse to take part in her dog eat dog world.
With words.
Darwinian silverback penny-pinched limited.
That woman’s an ape.
May she be for hunting.
By Hutu Interahamwe.
And I mean that.
I Mean It With Words

Glorious words

YEP I’ll say it again
Society’s Affable Handymen


And all that you are deaf to




Kevin Barrington  17th April 2013