Larkin Is Spinning In His Grave

Sons of Ireland leaving,
Shadows off the coast,
Leaving to a distant shore,
In years to come,
Will tell of Ireland in its boom days,
It will all be folklore,

They will talk of the government sell out,
Opportunities they had gone,
Left to rot in a cesspit island home,
Forced abroad by the Irish elite,
Their inaction keeping them away,
Destined abroad to roam

Larkin is spinning in his grave,
His legacy been misused,
For power and gain,
Unions sold their members out,
SIPTU amongst them,
All hoping for a slice of the gravy train

What would Larkin say?
Would he fight for you ,
And stand up against the establishment foe?
He’d do more than that,
Inspire the working class,
The establishment has to go

Instead what we are left with Unions,
Selling their members out and always ensuring
They will stay a wage slave,
Jim is long dead now,
But be guaranteed,
He’d be spinning in his grave


fluffybiscuits – 23 April 2013


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