Killycon (song and lyric)


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I followed you in the hidden lane

Where the honeysuckle wept your name

And told me I could take the blame

For your blessings and your flaws

And the trouble you would cause

From the whisper in my eye

In a world too bound to fly


Through Killycon where the oak is black

And the open bowers turn to track

Turning round but never back

To the hand that guides the boat

Sailing emptily afloat

Through an ever sinking sky

In a world too bound to fly


I caught you there in the poisoned glen

And trapped your wisdom in my pen

But I couldn’t hold you in the end

When the stream said let her go

Stood back and watched you flow

Too cold to wonder why

The world’s too bound to fly


I returned to the waking sleep

To count the harvests we would reap

And choose the ones I couldn’t keep

To ease the crowded mind

From the questions you will find

That breaks the idle lie

In this world, you’re bound to fly.


5intheface – 

  • eamo

    God that is so sad and sweet and poignant and haunting, I will be listening to that again and again. I hope it is picked up and given exposure. It is better than most of the stuff that gets played.

  • Janine O.

    This is love-ly!

    I wouldn’t worry about the song not getting played cos this is a wonderful piece of poetry…the more you read it the deeper it gets into you.