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“I Love the Internet”  A stunning e-book by Kevin Barrington, price €5.00 is now available to buy.  Fifteen new works with original illustrations from artists Jason McCann, Bruce Ryder and Michael Rynne and Photography by Syra Trek, and Herman Vanaerschot. First publication of Political World Publishers.  Please first register with this e-bookshop and then buy the book for yourself or as a gift. After purchase the book file will be downloadable from the site or by a link you will receive by email. If you are buying as a gift, you will forward the email with your personal message.Proceeds of the first 100 files sold to be given to Justice for Magdalenes.

“Kevin Barrington is an original to the seat of his pants, and the sound of his passionate, fearless, percussive voice and the acuity and verve of the mind that drives it are present in every morsel of this wonderful collection.”  Lenny Abrahamson. 

View a short sampler of the work here –


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  • dearbhal

    I am so thrilled to get a poetry book that is utterly of this century. I think one of the reviewers said ‘fearless and percussive’ Absolutely right. A brilliant contribution to the amazing world of the internet in all its political acuity and generosity.

  • Cass Flower

    Congratulations Kev on a brilliant reading last night at the UAC. The words were crackling with energy.

    • KevinBarrington

      Thanks. It was fun. Will be doing another in The Corner Note Cafe 5pm June 15th at the Dalkey Book fair.


    Sorry I couldn’t make it Kev – sounds like it was a great show!

    • Kevin Barrington

      Catch you in Dalkey in June inshallah

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  • KevinBarrington

    Feedback from US author and New Yorker journo Tom Beller:

    In 1994 Kevin Barrington was the the sharpest tack among the motley assemblage of journalists, tourists, philanthropists, war junkies, entrepenurs (including the media barrons from the city’s rival newspapers, The Cambodia Daily and the Phnom Penh Post), tremulous newbie’s clutching copies of Granta, and Nate Thayer (who gets his own catagory) who assembled nightly at the FCC bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He wrote in the buttoned down style for Agence France Press and then held forth at night, unbuttoned. There was no one, at that time and place, who I found more entertaining. Like just about everyone in that place, he more or less vanished at some subsequent point. Almost died. And he’s now surfaced, alive, and has written a book of poems. Ecstatic, bitter, and a bit Irish sounding, to me, but maybe that’s because I can hear his voice. Completely worth checking out.

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  • Timothy White

    Thank You Kevin. Beautiful to Read. Impossible to quit til the end. Another Addiction. T W.